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Jaynii Streetwise is now perching at 87 Ansah Nunoo Road, Korle Gonna, Accra, Ghana near Tuesday Market and Mamprobi Plaza, after the demolition, as we hopefully look for philanthropists to help relocate the childrenYou could call or WhatsApp +233277117286 or +233264117286

Touching Lives, Touching Generations

Who we are

Having been recognised by Zain Touching Lives and MTN Heroes of Change, social entrepreneurs Emmanuel Quartey and Naa Borkor Quartey founded the Jaynii Streetwise Organisation – a community not-for-profit, charity and non-governmental organisation (NGO) that is alleviating poverty and illiteracy in Ghana with Registrar General’s registration number G-23,946 and Department of Social Development number DSD 5287 has its aim of improving the lives of children and youth.

Born and bred in a densely populated poor, marginalized and deprived area of Jamestown, Accra, Emmanuel (Nii) and Naa Borkor (Jay) an orphan herself realized that most children wander aimlessly at the beachfront and in the streets when they should be discovering their talents in school. Upon questioning these children and making follow-ups in their communities, JayNii learnt that these bright youngsters only need help.

As such, social entrepreneurs and environmental warriors Jay and Nii started the JayNii Streetwise Project to support people in need especially our future leaders. JayNii educates and provides skills to needy children, incapacitated parents, drop-out youth and people who need skills in social enterprises to eventually support not only themselves but their families. Streetwise also organize programmes to strengthen the minds and abilities of youngsters – Education, Arts & Culture, Sports, Environment, Development and Healthy Talks etc

Jaynii Streetwise is borne out of the Jaynii Cultural Troupe, an African music and dance performing group founded by genius musician Nii and assisted by intrinsic Choreographer Jay in 1997 in Accra, which perform and use part of the proceeds to fund the care of these children. Hiring our band means Having fun, Helping the needy. On daily basis, JayNii help beneficiaries with their homework, feed and offer them sports, drumming and dance lessons as their recreation.

Where we operate

Deprived communities, densely populated poor and marginalized areas with low rate of literacy and income generating activities. We are currently located at 87 Ansah Nunoo Road, Korle Gonno, Accra, Ghana. 

The Demolition 

Be Part of the Solution

All we need is what you can offer. Join us in any way possible to support StreetWise get Ghana’s gifted children off the street and into the classroom and the youth onto their feet by joining our Volunteers’ program, JayNii Tours, fundraising, donation, hiring JayNii band, Workshop program and offering your expertise. Volunteers, corporate entities, teachers, sponsors, donors and all expertise are welcome on board. You could assist the Jaynii team and the hundreds of children and youth still prowling the streets and beaches in search of hope to sustain our efforts by supporting in any way you can. Do not add your voice to the complaints about ‘the increasing numbers of armed robbers, teenage mothers, prostitutes and street children’. Be part of the solution – give to our future teachers, doctors, inventors, marketing managers and C.E.Os. You will be giving these innocent little children a CHANCE and a CHOICE in life. Help us to help them. Our children are our future! Touch a life today and be blessed !


Brief History and Achievements

Articles 25 & 28 of The Constitution of Ghana state that all young persons shall have the right to educational opportunities and facilities. Basic education shall be free, compulsory and available to all. All children and young persons shall receive special protection against exposure to physical and moral hazards, and be protected from engaging in work that constitutes a threat to health, education or development. No child shall be deprived by any other person of medical treatment, education or any other social or economic benefit. However the socio-economic reality of many children in Ghana is such that they simply cannot fully access/enjoy these constitutionally guaranteed rights. JayNii StreetWise Organisation provide them with an education and a chance for a better future. The Streetwise Project started in 2007 and officially registered on April 15, 2008.  With the proceeds from JayNii Troupe’s performances, drumming and dance lessons/workshops offered, the StreetWise Project provides youngsters with all needed clothing and materials to attend school, accommodate, feed, medical care, stationery, uniform, shoes, bags and pastoral care to needy children, extracurricular activities in drumming, creative arts, reading, sports, music and dance. Jaynii provides financial assistance for some of the most deprived and needy households in Ghana, formal education for children in Ghana from kindergarten to University ages from 4 to 18 years. Also offer arts and craft drum making, pendants, African fabric bags, vocational skills like batik/tie & dye textile designing training etc for women and youth in Ghana. 


Jaynii Streetwise Organisation was awarded by Zain Touching Lives and MTN Heroes of Change as Change-makers for the good work being done in providing the welfare of vulnerable ones in deprived communities.

Whatever donation received, be it clothes, toys, story, text and exercise books, pencils, pens etc, Jaynii donates part to children and most schools in the communities. JayNii has young soccer team and a music band that has couple of albums to its credit and run drumming, dance, music and creative arts and craft lessons.


StreetWise interact and monitor beneficiaries to be sure they are happily enjoying their human rights being offered them. This also help for good communication between child, guardian and teacher.


Unfortunately, the rising cost of living and the increasing challenge to rescue more children from the streets, organizing educational programmes etc make it almost impossible to fulfill our objectives effectively. Our passion for children and the environment is a time-and-money-consuming venture that can only be sustained with a steady flow of income but the socio-economic reality of many children in Ghana is such that they simply cannot fully access/enjoy the constitutionally guaranteed rights

Future Plans

Construction of total free educational / vocational facilities, recreational and JayNii Centres wherever our services are needed


    • Needy children drawn from deprived villages and communities within which JSO works.
    • Orphans and Needy children under the care of single parents or incapacitated parents.
    • Children of economically overburdened and distressed families (Large families for example).
    • Street Children

Mission of the Organization

Moving Ghanaian gifted youth off the street and into the classroom and providing youth with skills.

Main Activity of the Organization

Training and education of needy children/youth

Overall Goal of the Organization

To promote the welfare of vulnerable young ones in deprived communities through health, education, environment, sports, arts and culture.

The Aim and Objectives of the Organization

  • To support the educational needs of vulnerable children
  • To get children off the street and into the classroom.
  • Provide our young ones with skills.
  • Create the opportunity for them to make use of their acquired skill.
  • Empower them, to show them that they are talented and deserve to join the ranks of educated youngsters.
  • Promote and encourage education for all children and help prepare them for a better future.
  • Promote global peace and understanding through children exchange programme.
  • Create global awareness among children.
  • To instill, develop, preserve and promote Ghanaian/African arts, culture and sports.
  • Organize and participate in international children and youth conferences, seminars, campfires, retreats, festivals.

Organization’s Area of Work

  • Child rights advocacy and educational opportunities.
  • Provision of temporary shelter for abused children. Enrolment of in-school and out-of-school youth into skill training and apprenticeship.
  • Awareness creation and education on environmental and health issues.