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Emmanuel Quartey

Founder & CEO

Seeing the deplorable state of the poor of urban Accra, I just could not stand on the fence and watch but get down on it to play my part in replenishing the earth by making a difference in people’s lives. At least, brighten the small corner where I live.

Every child deserve quality education and to be happy. Lovely, innocent and bright as they are, it is fun in working with them and I never regretted creating the StreetWise Project to touch lives and generations by providing the welfare of the vulnerable in deprived communities.

The conviction that Almighty God has used me to rescue lives which hitherto could have ended dangerously to the detriment of all gives me some inner Joy. To God be the glory !  nii@jayniiwise.com

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Naa Borkor Quartey

Co-Founder & COO

Naa Borkor Quartey (Jay) is the Co-Founder of Jaynii Streetwise Organisation. Her father died when she was 9 years old and her Mum died when she was 18. Jay was brought up in Accra.

When Jay was 8 years old she began to learn and enjoy cultural dancing.  In 1997 Jay joined with her friend Emmanuel Quartey (Nii) to create the Jaynii Cultural Troupe which gave birth to The JayNii StreetWise Organisation

The Situation for needy Children

Having been raised in Jamestown Jay is very familiar with the many challenges facing both children and their immediate families that can result in the child losing out on their right to even a basic education. Drug abuse, low incomes and low educational levels of the parents can all contribute to pressure on the children to work, either in the home or on the streets to support the family from a very young age.  For those without family or a home the pressure is one of survival where the children need to provide for themselves from day to day.  In the short term, the need for money to survive is more real than the longer term benefits that an education can bring, so these children do not attend school, despite it being a legal requirement in Ghana for them to do so. As such, Jay joined Nii to move Ghanaian gifted youth off the streets and into the classroom jay@jayniiwise.com