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With your support, these kids can get the skills they need for a brighter and better future. Donations are a way for you to get involved and make an important difference to the lives of these children. Please consider making a monthly donation to the JayNii Streetwise by clicking on the subscribe button:

If you would like to make a donation to the JayNii Streetwise Foundation, You could also contact us directly Thank you.

          You could send cash via Wave or Wise etc to AT mobile money

          +233277117286 Name is Emmanuel Quartey  or 

           MTN 00233247810866 Naa Borkor Quartey. 

If you would like to make a donation to the JayNii Streetwise Foundation, You could also contact us directly Thank you.

Sponsor a Child You could become a Godparent to any of the JayNii beneficiaries access the right to education to enjoy life to the fullest with a yearly sponsorship of $ 1,000


Kind Donation we welcome donation in kind as well Office Equipment – computers, printers, photocopier, cabinet, papers etc. School Supplies – Text /exercise books and writing material Musical instruments, Paints, colours, glue, fabrics etc for JayNii Arts & Culture Sports Equipment – Balls, jerseys and other sports equipment for  JayNii Sporting Club Story books and teaching material for JayNii Best Brain Toiletries, sanitary pad, water, beverages, snacks Healthy Talk As a densely populated area, most people sleep out. We all know the consequences – sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, poverty etc JayNii counsel both children and adults about sex education, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS inclusive, sex abuse prevention, protection, condom use, sexual reproduction, healthier sexual behavior, drug and alcohol abuse to mention few. A few suggestions for Fundraising

  • Throw a party
  • Organize events
  • Rattle the Tins at strategic points

You could take part in any of the above activities as volunteers and have a say where these monies can go if not, we put into day-to-day running of the foundation – daily feeding, pocket money for school, bills etc Time Donation it is possible to interact and spend quality time with children and bring to bare any valuable lessons/expertise. volunteer Fundraising Activities Fund raise or create innovative ideas/activities to facilitate sustainable support for  beneficiaries of the StreetWise Project. Private School: $ 500 can sponsor a child’s private elementary school education Includes tuition, uniforms, books, stationary for a year Secondary High School: GHS 2,000 per year sponsors a child’s Secondary high school education. Includes boarding, books, stationary, provisions and first-time administration necessities (mattress, sheets, towel, trunk, bucket, shoes etc) University Sponsorship: GHS 4,500 provides a year a University scholarship to a deserving student.